The Story of Klipa

African contemporary clothing brand, Klipa, focuses on the detailed craftsmanship, young-spirited street style, high quality urban design and easy-to-wear silhouettes. Created by experienced local designer, Carlo Gibson, the brand was launched in 2015. The concept was inspired by his desire to create a fashion brand that offers a recognisable identity to young contemporary South Africans. “At the time, I looked around and saw that as South Africans, we didn’t have our own unique fashion identity, but instead, all I saw was a mash-up of international Western fashion being worn on the streets. I became passionate about creating something that was fashionable and trendy, but also distinctively South African – and so Klipa began,” Carlo explains.
The name Klipa is derived from the South African slang word, meaning “a hundred” in monetary terms. It speaks true to the fundamental principle the brand prides itself in, which is that it is “100% home grown”. He says that the Klipa brand is as much about fashionable aesthetics as it is about representing the modern South Africa that we love: “All Klipa items are proudly South African – they are hand-crafted by South African seamstresses, using only locally-sourced materials. However, over the years, Klipa has also made numerous alliances with local creatives, including photographers, film makers, performers, marketers, and so on, who have all helped grow the brand into something that is not just about what you wear, but also represents what you are about, your heritage, your soul.”