“I was born a maker of things and have made things by hand since childhood,” says South African Fashion Designer, Carlo Gibson, who is no stranger to the art of craft making. The first clothing project he remembers doing was learning to crochet at age five, so that he could make booties for his baby sister. He earned degrees in both Fashion Design and Fine Art from the University of Johannesburg, as well as winning a scholarship to study Jewellery Design in Rome, Italy. After graduating, he moved on to lecture at the University of Johannesburg, and at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, USA.
He began his foray into fashion design in 2005, when he launched his first fashion brand – Strangelove: “The Strangelove brand was all about bespoke, tailored formal men’s wear – we made custom-fitted, high-end formal men’s fashion with an urban edge. Strangelove ran for 8 years, and during this time, I perfected the art of pattern cutting, tailoring and crafting fabric. However, I dreamt of feeding my creative side and makign something that resonated with who I was and where I came from – so I invested in a small CMT factory and started making denims, and the Klipa brand evolved from there. Today, I am proud to say that the factory employs over 25 skilled and dedicated people.”